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These interactive, online courses features narration, images, video, and exercises and, upon successful completion, you can print a record of completion and submit for IACET CEUs.  You will be able to work at your own pace through the course.

Courses Approved by Minnesota Department of Health

for CEU Credits online and in the classroom.  AN IACET Authorized Provider



Offered by National Swimming Pool Foundation. NSPF


Courses Approved

Method of Teaching

Number of CEU’s


Aquatic Facility Audits (AFA)




Aquatic Play Feature™ (APF™)




Aquatic Risk Management (ARM)




Certified Aquatic Energy Auditor™ (CAEA™)




Certified Pool/Spa Inspector™ (CPI™)

Classroom & Internet



Certified Pool/Spa Operator® (CPO®) Certification Course

Classroom & Fusion



Emergency Response Planning




Recreational Water Illness (RWI)

Classroom & Internet



As NSPF instructors, Certified Pool Trainers of Minnesota & Iowa, we can supply you with these aquatic courses to expand your knowledge and help you acquire the necessary CEUs to maintain your license.

Our head instructor John Szymanski has over 40 years working in the pool industry.

He will gladly answer any of your tough pool questions.

    To purchase a course, call John at 1-877-819-2925.  You will recieve an access code and information on the site where you go for your course.  Credit cards accepted.

Courses Offered at this time:

Aquatic Facility Audits

Minimum Time to Complete: 1.5 Hours

Drowning, disease, and injury prevention start with understanding the specific hazards. This course helps managers, operators, and service professionals view the facilities they operate with a fresh eye focused on reducing risk. The course includes a copy of the Aquatic Facility Audits handbook and educates people about why safety audits are important and how to actually plan and conduct a safety audit. The course also teaches how to formulate corrective action, write audit reports, and conduct follow-ups to ensure the desired corrective actions are taken.

 This 2-hour interactive, online course features narration, images, video, and exercises and, upon successful completion, you can print a record of completion and submit for IACET CEUs. You will be able to work at your own pace through the course focusing on these critical topics:

·       Understanding an AFA, objectives and types of audits

·       Audit planning

·       Inspecting the work area and work practices

·       Completing the audit report

·       Aquatic audits, around the pool, in the pool, pump room and storage areas and spa facilities

·       Aquatic play features

·       Facility records, audit forms and employee

A copy of the Aquatic Facility Audits Handbook is provided when you register for the course.

1.5 Credits


Aquatic Play Feature

Minimum Time to Complete: 1.5 Hours

    The Aquatic Play Feature™ provides a professional training course for any facility that has an aquatic play feature, large or small. People who operate and manage these innovative recreational features will appreciate this training course. The course covers topics including:

    ·       How to deal with cloudy water

    ·       Excessively high make-up water bills

    ·       High sanitizer/oxidizer consumption

    ·       Very short filter runs

    ·       Maintaining automated control systems

    ·       Management of water and of water chemistry

    ·       Chlorine and chemical addition issues

    ·       Filtration and circulation concerns

    ·       Play feature operational considerations

    ·       Usage of chloramines and stabilizers

    A copy of the Aquatic Play Feature™ Handbook is provided when you register for the course.

2 Credits


Aquatic Risk Management

Minimum Time to Complete: 1.5 Hours

      The interactive course enhances learning, allowing you to work through a series of topics, along with case studies that are fully illustrated with photos and examples throughout. Participants will find a discussion of the aquatic risk management process and content on the following topics:

      ·        The Law and the Aquatic Professional – Factors that help determine merit of a personal injury case are explained.

      ·        Case Studies – Five case studies illustrate how judgments are reached in a variety of incidences.

      ·        Aquatic Risk Management - Best practices are shared.

      ·        Implementing a Risk Management Plan – Identifying, evaluating and managing risks, costs, liability issues and legal mandates (codes and regulations).

      ·        Emergency Response Plans (ERP) –Staff member roles and responsibilities for the ERP and examples of incidents.

      A copy of the Aquatic Risk Management Handbook is provided when you register for the course.

1.5 Credits


Certified Aquatic Energy Auditor

Minimum Time to Complete: 2.5 Hours

        Become the most trusted pool service technician and maintain loyal customers when you help homeowners save money. This course is designed for commercial & residential service professionals to audit and recommend energy efficiency improvements for pool owners. The class is also useful for some commercial pools and retailers who sell and service pools.

        In this course, you will learn:

        ·        Basics of a Circulation System

        ·        What contributes to energy consumption

        ·        How to perform an energy audit

        ·        The steps from performing an audit to recommending and making changes

2.5 Credits


Certified Pool/Spa Inspector™(CPI™) 

Minimum Time to Complete: 3 Hours

      A copy of the Certified Pool/Spa Inspector™ Handbook is provided when you register for the course. 

      For those that are CPO® Certified, they may get an additional certification through the National Swimming Pool Foundation by completing the course successfully and submitting a certification request with a $30 fee to NSPF. 

      In this course you will learn:

      ·        The basis for the code requirements and why a violation is a public health hazard

      ·        How to perform an inspection of the pool and spa area

      ·        How to evaluate swimming pool operation and maintenance

      ·        How the circulation system and its components work

      ·        How to evaluate a facility for Pool & Spa Safety Act compliance

      ·        The uniqueness in spa inspections

      ·        About recreational water illnesses

      ·        Supervision and operator records

      ·        The uniqueness of aquatic play features

      ·        Basic swimming pool design standards and their impact on public health


3 Credits


Pool Operator Primer™  


This dynamic program for pool operators, service technicians, facility managers and environmental health officials is a great stand-alone online training program or it can be the first step towards earning your Certified Pool/Spa Operator® (CPO®) certification. The eight-lesson, self-paced curriculum covers the material found in the 18 chapters of the NSPF® Pool & Spa Operator™ Handbook, which is included with the course.  Understanding fundamentals of pool and spa operation and safety reduces risk, decreases liability, and creates value for your customers.

The online course includes interactive learning tools throughout, such as video demonstrations and knowledge quizzes at the end of each lesson to help with information retention. Successful completion of all eight lessons earns a Record of Completion. Students have access to the online course for a six-month period, which provides an opportunity to review the material many times. This great program brings the training to the office, home office, or wherever you need it, when you need it.

In conjunction with CPO®  Fusion(class room) Class  Additional $155

Equal to a two day CPO® course
16 Credits


Emergency Response Planning

Minimum Time to Complete: 1.5 Hours

      The course teaches managers how to develop an effective emergency  response action plan. Establishing an Emergency Response Plan is  the critical first step organizations can take to minimize injuries to staff and patrons, and administer care when responding to emergencies.  Planning for calamity can mean the difference between misery and prosperity.  Whether you are managing an aquatic facility, manufacturing plant, retail store, building, renovation or service company, emergency response planning must be the number one priority to preserve the health and safety of your employees, patrons, and business. 

      This 2-hour, online course is interactive and features narration, images, video, and exercises and includes a copy of the Emergency  Response Planning Handbook. You can earn a record of completion by successfully passing the course and submit for IACET CEUs.

      Work at your own pace as you learn how to develop an effective emergency response plan, focusing on these critical topics:

      1.     Understanding an ERP and what is required

      2.     Effective communication

      3.     Facility layout and available equipment

      4.     Aquatic emergencies

      5.     Pool fecal matter emergencies

      6.     Weather and natural disaster response

      7.     Other emergency action situations Aquatic Hazard Communication Plan in Accordance with OSHA 1910.1200

2 Credits


Recreational Water Illnesses  

Minimum Time to Complete: 3 Hours

      Public health officials, pool operators, aquatic managers, service companies,  suppliers and manufacturers will gain a comprehensive and detailed understanding about the control of RWIs by taking this online course. The course, intended to help professionals understand and prevent these often serious illnesses includes advanced material and a 114-page handbook.

      RWIs can cause a wide variety of symptoms, including gastrointestinal, skin, ear, respiratory, eye, neurologic, and wound infections. Crypto, which can stay alive for days even in well-maintained pools, has become the leading cause of swimming pool-related outbreaks of diarrheal illness.

      Participants work through the basic steps of identifying the health threats present, unique features to those threats, understanding what the possible consequences would be, identifying ways to reduce the risks and finally, prioritizing the risk reduction. Registrants have access to the online training for six months once purchased and can earn a record of completion by successfully passing the course and submit for IACET CEUs.

      Topics include:

      ·        Risk Management for RWIs

      ·        Microbes & Disease

      ·        Gastrointestinal, Dermal & Respiratory RWIs

      ·        Other Microorganisms and Diseases in Aquatic Settings

      ·        Methods for Control of RWIs 

1.5 Credits


Aquatic Management Series 4PK ($75 savings)


The Aquatic Management Series of online courses covers comprehensive training on vital topics for every aquatic facility, public pool, consultant, Service Company, health department, and manufacturer.

The easy access of these interactive online modules makes learning more dynamic, and they each come with an accompanying handbook. Each registrant has access to the course for six months once they register and, upon successful completion, a record of completion can be printed and secured in an employee file.


  MN CEU   16 Credits   $150.00